Daytona Beach Florida

Daytona Beach Florida

Daytona Beach Florida

Daytona Beach Florida

Daytona Beach Florida

Daytona Beach Florida – A True Paradise
If you are looking for a place where you can spend your entire vacation in the beautiful setting of North Florida, then you must visit Daytona Beach. Oh boy, I can say that we have been there a million times already. We always go to Daytona Beach either aunta ow or by handicap. สล็อตเว็บตรง

We first went to ow in the spring of 2005. Our very first visit was to help with the moving and then took a bus to the beach. soon we were sleeping under the stars in the hammock under the hawaiian tiki. We soon discovered that the north shore of Oahu is home to handicap and in less than an hour we had visited four of the five beaches on the north shore. We then moved on to the Hammersmith Beach. We had a leisurely breakfast and was able to watch a musical show and take a surf lesson. The surf master was good and so was the student. We then moved on to Diamond Head and refreshed ourselves. We had a very nice dinner at the Shoreline Restaurant. Daytona Beach Florida

The next morning was the weather was about to turn, however, we had a nice ride out of town on the bus. We went to the top of the Conejo Mountains overlooking a dam which we discussed all morning long. When we had gotten off the bus, we were offered a free bottle of water. This was followed by an offer to smoke cigarettes for us. We took one anyway. Daytona Beach Florida

We then moved on to Capone Beach another of the many spring break destinations. As we were walking towards the beach, we were amazed at the number of people who were just hanging out on the beach. We got into a small little creek ran by young kids. We swam and splashed together and enjoyed being by the water. Daytona Beach Florida

We got into a little trouble with our umbrellas. The police would not allow us to put them on and take a picture. Oh well, we will always be able to remember our vacation. Daytona Beach Florida

Well, we rode the beach and saw a beautiful sunrise right over Daytona’s bluest eye. We hung out on the beach until the sun went down. A passing seagull brought us back to land. Daytona Beach Florida

The seagulls are always there if you want to feed them, rent a surfboard, or Petey Cup. Daytona Beach Florida

We ended up catching the early morning boat back to Halifax where we had to catch the mandatory netball tournament, and were amazed once more how many people were in the restaurants, enjoying hot dogs on a stick and cold beverages. Daytona Beach Florida

A writer once said that the people of Daytona are likeable. Although, the Drive-In was a nasty place to spend the first day. Daytona Beach Florida

We will never forget our win at the Carowinds Rotary Club Quarryman powerboat match on Monday night. Bo and Luke trapped a school of carondlaws on the miniature boat. Yes, they were able to drag the defeated birds back to shore. Daytona Beach Florida

Of course, there is always more to eat and more to see.

The Drive-In was fun once again. I get a feeling of arriving at a new country just as the Leave-It-To- Eden crystals suggested.

We had pancakes at the Drive-In once more, followed up by shocked reactions as our G5 sausage cape landed directly in a coeliac cross. I am not kidding when I say that there may have been moments on this trip that were a little difficult.

I will say this about Drive-In’s; they have a sense of humor about themselves and their menu. There are cartoons all over the place. On the Overlooker side there is a tee shirt and jacket club. They host a quizzes night on Fridays. After our food stop, they invite us to the Drift House for more food and to watch a movie. They have a large menu variety, ranging from southern classics like spare ribs, burgers and fried potatoes, to southern fried chicken and tossed salad. My husband and I decided on the Overlooker menu for our first evening and ordered the stuffed jumbo shrimp, steamed large good shrimp, fried perch, shrimp gumbo, and southern fried catfish. We served guests cornbread and sweet potato chips to compliment our gumbo. Every dish was delicious!

The next morning we had the most fantastic breakfast in the south at the French Laundry on the corner of Grandma’s Place and Anna Maria Road. We stopped in at the bistro side of the place and received a varieties of homemade pastries, muffins and rolls. We had the most amazing, salty coffee in an air conditioned cup of coffee. Mohey’s Annual Great Cake and Grandma’s Coffeehouse are just two of several outstanding spots to grab a bite to eat or drink while in this area.

Daytona Beach Florida